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Why should you monitor the performance of your cooling systems?

In this article you will discover the benefits derived from monitoring the HVACR systems performance.

Heating Recovery Systems (I)

This article describes the fundamentals of heat recovery from refrigeration cycles from a theoretical point of view.

New IPCC Assessment Report 2021

IPCC special report on the impacts of global warming of 1.5 ° C relative to pre-industrial levels and the corresponding trajectories that global greenhouse gas emissions should follow.

Performance measurement in refrigeration or heat pump systems (I)

Refrigeration is an essential sector in our daily lives, accounting for 15-20% of global energy consumption, according to data presented by the European Cool-Save project. It therefore accounts for a significant fraction of the CO2 emissions emitted worldwide and, at...

Energy efficiency improvements in refrigeration: Floating condensation and evaporation systems

By implementing floating condensation and evaporation systems, the performance or COP of our refrigeration or HVAC installation can be increased, which translates into energy savings of between 2-3% for each degree of reduction in the temperature difference between condensation and evaporation, approximately.

Articae welcomes Galván Frío Industrial

From Articae, we want to welcome Galván Frío Industrial. With this agreement, we guarantee the implementation PilotE² HVACR, our solutions for monitoring, analysis and performance optimization in the industrial refrigeration sector, with the highest degree of quality...