Case study: LyS Jáñez


Logísticas Jáñez had a problem with an excessive increase in energy costs in temperature-controlled storage (positive and negative cold), after having increased the number of metres available for cold storage in its facility. This situation had a direct impact on the supply and logistics chain, which resulted in an increase in operating costs and in energy and technological efficiency.



An optimisation strategy focused on monitoring and energy management of the chambers was designed to maximise savings with minimal investment. In addition, the possibility of installing photovoltaic solar panels was evaluated in order to reduce the energy bill, both by reducing consumption from the grid and by reducing radiation on the roof. Articae was tasked with advising and analysing the various proposals and independently assessing the savings and return on investment.

Initially, the savings were achieved by adjusting the contracted power, which opened up the possibility of investing in bespoke equipment for the chambers. With this system in place, it was discovered that there were other energy weaknesses that could be optimised, such as air conditioning. Once these issues had been resolved, the next step was to install photovoltaic panels to promote sustainability.


The result of our action was a 58% saving in one year, thanks to careful energy management down to the last millimetre, thanks to constant monitoring. However, solar energy has made a significant contribution to this result, and although in energy matters the installation of renewable energy is always a symptom of economic savings, it is not as great as what has been achieved with energy management. This has led to a reduction in operating costs, which has a direct impact on the business in terms of improved competitiveness and job security.

– Energy savings of 58% in May 2022 compared to May 2021.
– Reduction in operating costs.
– Improved competitiveness and job preservation.