PilotE² Iceberg

Portable performance analyser for industrial refrigeration and air-conditioning systems

The ultimate combination between the versatility of a portable system and the power of a fixed one.

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PilotE² Iceberg is the portable version suitable for measuring and verifying energy savings and performance checks during commissioning, maintenance and energy audits.

Plug and play

PilotE² Iceberg is a solution for connecting, measuring and analysing a wide range of industrial air conditioning and refrigeration systems, with many templates in the application catalogue. New templates can be created on request, adapted to the particularities of each project.


PilotE² Iceberg is a non-invasive solution. Temperature sensors are installed on the pipe surface, pressure sensors are installed in the test ports or pressure gauge ports and electrical measurements are made with split-core current sensors or Rogowsky coils and voltage test leads. Everything is designed for simple and quick installation.

Industrial design

Robust, reliable or IP65 rated, PilotE² Iceberg is the ideal tool for monitoring machines or industrial air conditioning or refrigeration plants outdoors and in industrial environments with demanding environmental conditions.

Energy audits 4.0

PilotE² Iceberg is a portable, connected instrument, which allows access to the monitoring of the industrial air conditioning or refrigeration plant from simple web applications, to download the data, analyse it, and decide on the fly how much time is necessary and sufficient to know how an industrial air conditioning or refrigeration system is performing.

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Articae Ecosystem at its best: Experience the ultimate energy optimisation through our web-based configuration and monitoring applications.

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