PilotE² Permafrost

Permanent HVAC&R Systems Performance Analyzer

Main features

GN504020 GN604015

PilotE² Permafrost is the permanent or fixed version suitable and useful for continuous energy efficiency and operation monitoring.


PilotE² Permafrost is powered by a PLC and can control your HVACR plant to optimize the performance

Energy Management

PilotE² EMS is a cloud-based SaaS with many advanced features and tools such as dashboards, reports, cost and energy analyses, KPIs, IPMVP projects and much more.

Supervisor and Online monitoring

PilotE² Permafrost is a HVACR plant supervisor, able to send email alerts on threshold or malfunction events. Intuitive real time Web-based HTML5 apps allows system operation by operators and maintenance staff from any connected device.

IoT and Refrigeración 4.0

PilotE² Permafrost is an open solution for an easy and secure connection. You just have to decide which cloud platform to send your data by means of MQTT – for example, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, IBM Cloud or SAP Cloud.

Connection diagram

diagrama conexiones pilote permafrost

Technical Specifications

  • Communication: Modbus (TCP, UDP), Ethernet, Modbus RTU, RS-232/ RS-485, MQTT
  • Ethernet protocols: DHCP, DNS, NTP, FTP, FTPS, SNMP, HTTP, HTTPS, SSH
  • Web Visualization: HTML5
  • Operating system: Real-time Linux 3.18 (with RT-Preempt patch)
  • CPU: Cortex A8; 600 MHz
  • Ethernet interface: 10/100 Mbit/s, Twisted Pair S-UTP; 100 Ω; Cat. 5; 100 m maximum length.
  • RAM memory: 256 MB
  • Flash memory: 256 MB
  • Memory card type: microSD up to 32 GB
  • Supply voltage: c.a. 100 … 264 V (47 … 63 Hz)
  • Input current: ≤ 0,55 A (110 V c.a.); ≤ 0,33 A (240 V c.a.)
  • Dimensions 315mm x 255mm x 150mm
  • Weight
  • Color Black
  • Housing material NK-7 resin
  • Conformity marking CE.
  • Operation conditions: 0 … 55 °C, <95% R.H. n. c.
  • Storage conditions: -40 … 85 °C, <95% R.H. n. c.
  • Protection type: IP65
  • Operating altitude: without temperature derating: 0 … 2000 m; with temperature derating: 2000 … 5000 m (0.5 K/100 m); 5000 m (max.)
  • Vibration resistance: 4g IEC 60068-2-6
  • Shock resistance: 15g IEC 60068-2-27
  • Conformity: EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-3

Setup and Monitoring Web App

Sinoptico PilotE2
Panel instrumentos PilotE2

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