PilotE² Permafrost

Permanent performance analyser for industrial refrigeration and air-conditioning systems

A fixed energy optimization system that will transform your facility into the new Industry 4.0

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PilotE² Permafrost is the fixed or permanent version, suitable for continuous monitoring of operation and energy efficiency

IoT and refrigeration 4.0

PilotE² Permafrost is an open solution that allows a simple and secure connection to any cloud platform to which data is sent via MQTT, such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, IBM Cloud or SAP Cloud. This is how it integrates with our energy intelligence platform, PilotE² Cirrus IIoT, which uses artificial intelligence algorithms to optimise the plant’s operating point at any given moment for optimal consumption.

Energy management

PilotE² Permafrost sends data to the PilotE² EMS platform. PilotE² EMS is a cloud-based SaaS software with many advanced features and tools for energy and cost analysis, dashboards, reports, KPIs, IPMVP projects and much more.

Real-time supervision and monitoring

PilotE² Permafrost is an industrial air conditioning or refrigeration plant monitoring system, capable of sending email alerts in case of thresholds or malfunctioning events. Using HTML5 web applications, operators or maintenance staff can access from any connected device to monitor the plant in real time.


PilotE² Permafrost incorporates a PLC controller and can control the operation of the air conditioning or refrigeration plant to optimise performance. The same haedware used for monitoring can be used to implement PilotE² Control, resulting in significant cost savings.

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Articae Ecosystem at its best: Experience the ultimate energy optimisation through our web-based configuration and monitoring applications.

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