HVACR performance measurement to optimize energy consumption


Reduce climate impact

Scientists continually alert us about the climate emergency, whose first cause is an excessive energy consumption and fossil fuels burning.


Reduce energy consumption

Between 15-20% of global electricity consumption is used for refrigeration and air conditioning (HVACR). Depending on the climatic area it can represent up to 50%

Reduce energy costs

Most of HVACR systems don’t work as efficiently as they were designed, which means a higher energy cost and an increasing risk of failure and, in the end, increased CO2 emissions.

With PilotE² method

How it works

PilotE² method calculates refrigeration or heat pump thermodynamic cycles performance based on thermodynamics principles.

PilotE² method is a direct and indirect methods combination, using the best of each. It uses a direct method to determine instantaneous performance but also measures evaporator or condenser energy, when possible, to obtain additional information on final energy use.

PilotE² method use only six measurement points in a simple setup, one power meter, two pressure sensors (high and low compressor pressure) and three temperature sensors).

Reliability and accuracy

PilotE² method is a more reliable and accurate than other methods based on air and water measurements. It allows to calculate this Key Performance Indicators (KPI):

  • Cooling and Heating Power (kW)
  • Coefficient of Performance COP/ EER
  • Global System Efficiency
  • Compressor Isentropic Efficiency
  • Condenser Efficiency
  • Evaporator Efficiency
  • Electrical Energy Consumption
  • Air/Water Flow, Power, Temp. Delta, Energy
  • Superheat/Sub-cooling values
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    PilotE² Iceberg

    Portable version

    PilotE² Iceberg 4 2000x1500

    PilotE² Iceberg is a portable analyzer, suitable and useful for energy savings measurements and verification, during commissioning, maintenance or performance inspections and energy audits of refrigeration and air conditioning systems (HVAC&R).


    PilotE² Iceberg is a plug-and-play solution ready to install with many templates in the application catalog to analyze you HVCAR plant. Ad-hoc templates can be supply on demand.


    PilotE² Iceberg is a non-invasive solution. Temperature sensors are installed on pipe surface, pressure sensors in manometers or pressure leads and clamp-on or Rogowsky coils current sensors and voltage magnetic leads.

    Industrial design

    Rugged, reliable with IP65 protection degree, PilotE² Iceberg is the right tool to monitor HVACR machines or plants in outdoors or industrial environments.

    Energy Audits 4.0

    PilotE² Iceberg is a connected portable instrument. You can decide dynamically how much time is suitable to determine the HVACR system operation.

    PilotE² Permafrost

    Permanent version

    GN504020 GN604015

    PilotE² Permafrost is the permanent or fixed version suitable and useful for continuous energy efficiency and operation monitoring.


    PilotE² Permafrost is powered by a PLC and can control your HVAC&R plant to optimize the performance

    Energy Management

    PilotE² EMS is a cloud-based SaaS with many advanced features and tools such as dashboards, reports, cost and energy analyses, KPIs, IPMVP projects and much more.

    Supervisor and Online monitoring

    PilotE² Permafrost is a HVACR plant supervisor, able to send email alerts on threshold or malfunction events. Intuitive real time Web-based HTML5 apps allows system operation by operators and maintenance staff from any connected device.

    IoT and Refrigeración 4.0

    PilotE² Permafrost is an open solution for an easy and secure connection. You just have to decide which cloud platform to send your data by means of MQTT – for example, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, IBM Cloud or SAP Cloud.