Technical advising

We are data scientist in energy


Measurement & Verification

We can help you to measure and verify savings impartially by applying the best IPMVP protocol option of the EVO organization.


Energy auditors

We are energy auditors in Industry and Building accredited by AEC (Spanish Association for Quality). We can help you get the best results for your clients.

Energy management

We have experience and suitable tools to save energy and cost to your customers.

Technical Expertise

We have proven expertise in industrial and commercial HVAC&R systems measurement and control. We can advise you on the best options available when implementing your projects.

I need advice

If you need advice, please contact us using this form. We will help you.

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Juan Carlos García Carrizo

Energy Efficiency and Automation Engineer

+34 640 680 624 


Manuel Lanza Ruiz

Thermodynamics Engineer