PilotE² Ecosystem

HVACR Energy Efficiency Analisys Ecosystem

PilotE² Iceberg

Portable HVACR Systems Performance Analyzer

PilotE² Permafrost

Permanent HVACR Systems Performance Analyzer

Reduce energy consumption

Between 15-20% of global electricity consumption is used for refrigeration and air conditioning (HVACR). Depending on the climatic area it can represent up to 50%.

Reduce energy costs

Most of HVACR systems don’t work as efficiently as they were designed, which means a higher energy cost and an increasing risk of failure and, in the end, increased CO2 emissions.

Reduce climate impact

Scientists continually alert us about the climate emergency, whose first cause is an excessive energy consumption and fossil fuels burning.

With the PilotE² energy intelligence 360º cycle

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HVAC & Refrigeration systems performance measurement

Icono PilotE² EMS 1

PilotE² EMS

HVACR performance analysis and energy management

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PilotE² Cirrus IoT

Artificial Intelligence for HVACR performance optimization

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PilotE² Control

HVACR expert control for energy performance optimization

Improved energy performance for all cooling sectors

industrial refrigeration

Industrial Refrigeration

Solutions for fishing industry, food and beverages industry, plastic and automotive industry, and other industrial refrigeration applications.

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Commercial Refrigeration

Solutions for supermarkets, hypermarkets, warehouses and storage logistics centers, and other commercial refrigeration applications.

building hvac


Solutions for building and industry HVAC with chillers and heat pumps, data centers and other HVAC applications.


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