About us

We are a provider of technological solutions and services for the optimization of the energy performance of industrial air conditioning and refrigeration systems. With a clear vocation for sustainability, we offer these sectors innovative solutions and services for the measurement, analysis, optimization and control of energy efficiency.


Articae Smart Technologies’ mission is to develop smart technology solutions and provide high value-added services to optimize the energy performance of industrial air conditioning and refrigeration installations. This improvement of energy performance results in a reduction of energy consumption, operating costs associated with energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.


Articae aspires that its technological solutions become necessary in all air conditioning and industrial refrigeration installations. To achieve connected and intelligent, efficient and sustainable installations that do not consume more energy than necessary for their correct operation and that allow contributing to a neutral future in greenhouse gas emissions.

Our values, our commitment

A responsible business at the service of sustainable development in the air conditioning and refrigeration sector.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility policy covers five main aspects of interest to all those involved in our activities, including our customers, the organization itself and society in general:

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Environment and Sustainable Development

We believe it is our obligation to future generations and to planet Earth to minimize the impact and ecological footprint of our human and business activities. Therefore, at Articae Smart Technologies we strive to respect the environment by reducing the use of resources and energy, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

To this end, we promote the recycling of materials, teleworking and the use of digital and telematic media, thus saving paper, print cartridges and unnecessary travel. In addition, we believe that reducing energy consumption is the only path to energy sustainability. Therefore, energy efficiency is one of our company’s raisons d’être. We help our customers to make good use of energy, while at the same time making sure that we save energy ourselves, in a process of continuous improvement to achieve a rational use of our resources.


At Articae Smart Technologies we believe in innovation not as a destination but as a path:

  • creating innovative products and services with the highest possible quality standards,
  • investing in the continuous training of employees and the promotion of new ideas in order to develop opportunities,
  • fostering internal and external synergies and human interaction as a source of innovation through teamwork,
  • bringing added value to our customers through our products and services, together with our professional experience, our know-how, our imagination and our creativity,
  • opening our focus, observing our environment with an eye on the future horizon.

Ethical and Professional Conduct

We are living in times of change. On the one hand, we are immersed in a technological and digital revolution and an accelerated globalization process. On the other hand, we are affected by an unprecedented economic crisis resulting from the current healthcare situation, when we had barely overcome the previous recession period. All this means that the so-called knowledge society demands transparency and ethical and professional behavior in business.

At Articae Smart Technologies we want to make sure that business ethics are present in our daily work. We are committed with ourselves, with our partners, customers and suppliers and with society to adopt behaviors, not only legal but also ethical, for the benefit of all and for the common good. Furthermore, legal and contractual requirements will of course be strictly respected and observed, ensuring that any changes to the terms of agreements are reported at an early stage and maintaining fluid communication with our customers.

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At Articae Smart Technologies we strive for quality and excellence:

  • creating innovative products and services with the highest possible quality standards,
  • meeting our commitments to our colleagues and to our customers, business partners, suppliers and investors,
  • meeting the delivery deadlines and requirements of our projects and products, and by focusing on transparency in communication with our stakeholders,
  • applying project management methodologies in the search for the best results,
  • applying continuous improvement methodologies,
  • investing in continuous employee training in order to optimize performance, capacity and productivity.
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Occupational Health and Safety, Ergonomics and Well-being

At Articae Smart Technologies S.L. we are fully aware that safety, ergonomics and worker welfare are essential aspects. There is nothing more important than the health and safety of people. Therefore, we promote continuous training in Occupational Risk Prevention and compliance with current regulations in this regard.

But this is not all, we also seek the welfare of each and every one of the members taking special care with ergonomics and environmental conditions of the workplace, and paying attention to the emotional and psychological well-being of people. We are also convinced that a people-friendly environment leads to increased productivity, commitment, effort and creativity, and therefore to increased profits for the company.

Our team

Juan Carlos García Carrizo

Juan Carlos García Carrizo

CEO and Co-Founder

Automation and Energy Efficiency Engineer. Executive MBA. Entrepreneur committed to climate change mitigation for many years.

Manuel Lanza Ruiz

Manuel Lanza Ruiz

CTO and Co-Founder

Chemical Engineer, Master in Thermodynamics and Expert in Industrial Refrigeration. Analytical and methodical professional, able to face any technical challenge.

José Alberto Maestro Prieto

José Alberto Maestro Prieto

I+D · Data Scientist Senior

Ph.D. in Computer Science. Computer Engineer, Master in Engineering and Data Science. Researcher with several publications. University Professor. Software Developer.

Félix del Prado Hurtado

Félix del Prado Hurtado

I+D · Data Scientist

Ph.D. in Physics. Analyst and data scientist related to experimental physics, currently involved in energy efficiency analysis and optimization.

Nicolás Argota Lemme

Nicolás Argota Lemme

I+D · Cloud Architect/Developer

Ph.D. in Exact Sciences and Engineering. Telecommunications Engineer. Master in Big Data and Data Science. Technologist, cloud developer in AWS, data analyst.

Patricia Acebes Tamargo

Patricia Acebes Tamargo

I+D · Data Scientist Internship

Master in Economics and Finance, in big data and blockchain. Currently pursuing a master’s degree in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Collaborator of Spain AI and artificial intelligence enthusiast.

Irene Martín Pariente

Irene Martín Pariente

Marketing · Manager Internship

Degree in Marketing and Market Research. Master’s Degree in Neuromarketing. Creativity applied to digital marketing.

Esmeralda Martínez Barnés

Esmeralda Martínez Barnés

People · Manager Internship

Graduate in Law, mention in Business. Master’s Degree in R+D+i Project Management. Master’s Degree in People Management. Passionate about people management.