Cirrus EMS

Energy Management Software for energy efficiency analysis of air conditioning and refrigeration systems of air-conditioning and refrigeration systems

The Cirrus EMS energy management software or platform is the element in charge of processing and treating the raw information of the measurements performed by PilotE² HVACR in order to facilitate data interpretation and decision making.

Data analysis can be automatic, if performed by the platform itself, or manual if performed by the energy manager. Some of the multiple functionalities are:

Energy data visualization

Greater control of energy management with flexible and customizable dashboards.

PilotE² EMS

Trend analysis

Trend analysis that will allow you to detect the evolution and comparison between actual and forecast.

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Benchmarking based on KPI’s between locations to detect heterogeneities. Eliminate the impact of external operating conditions on consumption data and benchmark consistently.

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Easy data aggregation

Add consumption data manually from the company meter or from invoices.

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Cost allocation

It includes the hourly cost of your consumption based on the contracted tariff.

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Advance of invoices

That will allow you to compare with the invoice of the supplier.

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Management and issuance of automated energy reports

Generate reports of energy and economic indicators, complete and detailed, on the evolution of all the consumptions of your facilities (electricity, gas, water,…) in order to offer the conclusions obtained to the client and propose new saving actions.

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Advice on energy contracting

Receive advice on contracting power, reactive power, self-consumption, etc.

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Measurement and verification

Follow the evolution of your Energy Efficiency Projects portfolio through the IPMVP protocol.

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Intelligent event-based alerts

Define alerts for possible irregularities or problems. Let the Energy Management Software work for you and alert you by email or SMS if it detects any inefficiency or if you are not achieving your savings targets.