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Why should you monitor the performance of your cooling systems?

In this article you will discover the benefits derived from monitoring the HVACR systems performance.

How to make use of surplus photovoltaic energy by storing energy in the form of industrial cooling

We are indeed living in interesting and turbulent times. Everything seems to be moving at great speed, and more and more significant events are taking place on the world energy scene. Focusing on Spain, our country has advanced by leaps and bounds in the production of...

What is corporate social responsibility and what role does energy efficiency play in it?

In today's business world, corporate responsibility is no longer an option but a fundamental necessity. Companies that integrate responsible practices into their operations not only contribute positively to society and the environment, but also enhance their...

Energy efficiency: What is the new European Directive on the sustainability of buildings and what is it about

New publication in the Official Journal of the European Union marking a new step towards achieving the objectives of climate neutrality and energy efficiency within the continental organisation, with a greater impact on the construction sector.On 8 May, Directive (EU)...

Heating Recovery Systems (I)

This article describes the fundamentals of heating recovery from refrigeration cycles from a theoretical point of view.

New IPCC Assessment Report 2021

IPCC special report on the impacts of global warming of 1.5 ° C relative to pre-industrial levels and the corresponding trajectories that global greenhouse gas emissions should follow.