From Articae, we want to welcome Galván Frío Industrial. With this agreement, we guarantee the implementation PilotE² HVACR, our solutions for monitoring, analysis and performance optimization in the industrial refrigeration sector, with the highest degree of quality and commitment.


More than 30 years of experience dedicated to the commercialization, installation and maintenance of industrial refrigeration equipment.

Galván Frío Industrial has a multidisciplinary team of industrial refrigeration technicians with solid experience in the field of thermal exchange of fluids, certified as a company authorised by industry in the speciality of installation and maintenance. (C.E.A 31/EF-0046).

In addition, Galván Frío Industrial is the sole distributor of Smart Cooling in Spain. The Smart Cooling™ adiabatic intelligent system combines an adiabatic evaporative pre-cooling process and condenser protection with mechanical air filtration. The Smart Cooling™ adiabatic smart system is mounted externally in front of the condensers of the cooling equipment. Smart Cooling™ starts the adiabatic process even before the mechanical cooling is activated and the equipment receives a fine mist of processed water that reduces the temperature and lowers the condensing temperature inside the cooling circuit. The inlet air temperature in the Smart Cooling™ adiabatic system drops substantially during the process, typically in the range of 50°F to 68°F, which provides increased chiller efficiency by up to 37%. Our PilotE² HVACR, monitoring, analysis and performance optimization solutions are a perfect complement to the Measurement and Verification of savings of this energy efficient system.

Thanks to Galván Frío Industrial for the trust. We are convinced that it will be a very cordial and fruitful relationship.