Articae Ecosystem

Energy intelligence ecosystem for HVAC and refrigeration 4.0

What is energy intelligence?

The combination of SCIENCE, ENGINEERING and EXPERTICE powered by Artificial Intelligence and Big Data for energy performance optimization.

Energy Intelligence

Reduce energy consumption

14% on average. Depending on the climatic area and operating conditions, up to 30%.

Reduce operating cost

Proportional to the energy savings and increased by maintenance and lifetime improvement.

Reduce climate impact

Reduction of direct GHG emissions (refrigerant leakage) and indirect (electricity consumption).

With the PilotE² energy intelligence 360º cycle

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HVAC & Refrigeration systems performance measurement

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Cirrus EMS

HVACR performance analysis and energy management

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Cirrus AI

Artificial Intelligence for HVACR performance optimization

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PilotE² Control

HVACR expert control for energy performance optimization


“To measure is to know.” “If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.” William Thomson, Lord Kelvin

The first step to improve energy efficiency is to measure the HVACR systems performance.

PilotE² method calculates refrigeration or heat pump thermodynamic cycles performance based on thermodynamics principles and combining direct and indirect methods.

  • Cooling and Heating Power (kW)
  • Coefficient of Performance COP/ EER
  • Global System Efficiency
  • Compressor Isentropic Efficiency
  • Condenser Efficiency
  • Evaporator Efficiency
  • Electrical Energy Consumption
  • Air/Water Flow, Power, Temp. Delta, Energy
  • Superheat/Sub-cooling values

PilotE² Iceberg

Portable Performance

Analyzer HVAC&R Systems

PilotE² Permafrost

Permanent Performance

Analyzer HVAC&R Systems

PilotE² EMS

Cirrus EMS

Energy intelligence software to analyze energy data collected by PilotE² HVACR and manage energy consumption.

The main features are:

  • Analysis, comparison and bechmarking.
  • Energy data visualization with flexible and customizable dashboards.
  • Measurement & Verification using EVO’s IPMVP protocol.
  • Standardization and comparative analysis.
  • Real-time monitoring.
  • Cost allocation based on the contracted rate.
  • Automated reports.
  • Sending smart alerts by email or SMS.

Cirrus AI

Artificial Intelligence and Expertise

Energy performance optimization by means of automatic algorithms based on expertice and artificial intelligence, integrating:

  • complex thermodynamic models and simulations (Twin Digital)
  • data science (Big Data)
  • automatic algorithms (Machine Learning)
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PilotE² Control

PilotE² Control

Expert control for HVACR systems energy performance optimization

Customized expert control system for every refrigeration plant.
Real-time calculation of the optimal configuration parameters.
Adjusting HVACR system PLC or SCADA settings dynamically to maximize the overall performance:

  • Compressors operating sequence
  • Start and stop settings
  • Operating settings (pressures, temperatures, etc.)