I can’t find my case in the PilotE² standard templates

In Articae, we have a personalized deal with each customer and have a continuous process of R&D, which allows us to develop and add new templates, refrigerant and control of new cases, to satisfy the needs of the customer. This also allows us to be more competitive and efficient in the market.

You can contact us through the contact form and we will answer as soon as possible in order to solve your specific case.

I have several compressors in parallel in the same refrigeration cycle. What can I do?

In the case of several compressors in the same circuit, it is enough to measure temperature and pressure at the suction joint point and the discharge joint point of the compressor. You can measure the power input of all the compressors at the same time to calculate a global compressor efficiency.

If this was not possible due to physical issues, then it will be possible to measure individually each compressor power input. This way it will be possible to calculate a efficiency for each compressor, as well as a global efficiency for all of them. However, the customer should give us information about his particular case, so that we can develop a template and a visualization that can satisfy his needs.

My refrigeration cycle has a suction gas heat exchanger. COP and EER take into account the suction gas heat exchanger capacity?

PilotE² HVACR will show by default the COP and EER calculate with the useful heating or cooling capacity in our process, without taking into account the suction gas heat exchanger capacity. However, it is possible to make the development of a new template and a new visualization which shows different efficiencies, according to the requirements of the customer.

Is it necessary to measure the volumetric flowrate in the refrigeration cycle?

No, it is not necessary. PilotE² HVACR use the laws of thermodynamics to calculate the energy balance and the efficiency without measuring any flow rate, nor using any invasive sensor in the refrigeration or heat pump cycle.

The only assumption that the program uses is a global electric and thermal efficiency of 93%. This estimation is good enough for most of the hermetic and semi hermetic compressors without any kind of external cooling by air or by water/oil.

For more complex cases, Articae will offer as an additional service the study and development of each new particular case.

Can I measure two separated compressors which are far one from another?

Of course. Since the power analyzer sends the data by wireless Modbus RS485 to PilotE², you can measure several compressors at the same time, even several circuits at the same time, adding as many wireless analyzers as necessary. Each analyzer can measure up to two triphasic circuits.

How can I check the data online?

You only need a computer, smartphone or tablet with Internet access. With your specific customer user and password, you can follow up your in your plant in real time and check the historical data from different variables.

I have measured different values of the compressor power input and temperatures, which are different from the PilotE² HVACR values.

One of the reasons could be that the power input or temperatures are out of the measuring range of the sensors. Then the error can be much higher than the typical error of the sensors inside their range. PilotE² HVACR can work with different kind of temperature, pressure or current sensor, in order to adapt to the particular case of each customer.

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